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 Formwise Export Products

We pride ourselves on being one of the country's leading providers of export management and documentation software, the home of the EASI, Elite and Formwise Export range of products. Please contact us by email or preferably by telephone, if you cannot find the information you require or you would like to discuss your organisation's individual requirements or if you have a general enquiry.

General : We design, sell and support a number of configurations of our software each priced according to power and breadth of content, but each is easily configurable and additional forms, prints etc can be cost effectively produced. If what you see is not an exact for your requirements, then please contact us by telephone or email.

Please note that all versions of our software are compatibility by us on Windows 10.

EASI Export Systems

The EASI Export System is for the smaller export department and will facilitate the production of United Nations standards based documents and is targeted at those companies who have a small range of documentary requirements, or just taking their first steps in exporting.

Elite Export Systems

The Elite systems are for the export department requiring the production of United Nations based documents and a requirement for external links either from ERP software or to external systems, e.g. HMRC NES submissions.

Export Systems

These systems are for the export department requiring a full range of UN standards based document, and externals from ERP software as well as to external sources, e.g. Chamber of Commerce e-Cert and HMRC NES submissions.

Forwarding Agents Systems

In addition to systems within exporters, we have for many years had a number of customer who are forwarding agents. They use the sysem to provide a documentary service for their shippers, and in a number of cases have had their Formwise system developed to incorporate their company's documentary requirements.These systems include a full range of documents for their clients, including the full range of UN standards based document, and externals from ERP software as well as to external sources, e.g. Chamber of Commerce e-Cert and HMRC NES submissions. To this can be added a range of documents for the forwarder themselves, including invoices etc.

Please note that costs of each system are held on the product specification, but if you need modifications to the system in terms of screens, prints etc., we are confident that we will be able to provide a cost-effective bespoking service to ensure the package can work with you,



Ungerer Limited, Chester:   Martin Plant, Assistant Shipping Manager, says "Just providing update here on how we are getting on. We have given the system a really good thrashing, and now running fluently with in-house exports. Many thanks. “   

W Lucy, Oxford: Sara Coburn installed the system in 1996 and since that time the company has moved most of its manufacturing to Dubai but the export function is still controlled from the UK with all documentation and presentations coming from Formwise. All invoicing, shipping and banking paperwork is produced by Formwise, and as much of our work is against Letters of Credit the ability to produce Certificates and make statements as prescribed in the L/C saving time and avoiding typing errors. The system even makes a contribution to cash-flow as our entries to HMRC are produced by Formwise saving GBP20 per entry. Formwise is easy to use with telephone help always available. It would be hard for us to manage without Formwise, in fact Formwise is our export system and a vital part of our business.