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No matter the mode of transport, Formwise will help ensure the documentation is always correct.

Formwise Enhancement News

We keep the system in line with international and regulatory requirements and also add features as requested by our customers. Our large user-base operating in different business areas, also acts as our eyes and ears for those specialist requirements which we may miss, although hopefully these are few and far between.

We are not proud and are please to add such enhancements  to the base system and included in upgrades to all clients.

BREXIT and Formwise

There have been rumours and lies about Formwise and the abilty to cope with BREXIT.

I have every intention to do the changing documents in time for you to need them.

If you would like to talk to me to discuss – call me (01792 462113).

Latest additions

Export Licences: We are currently working on additional functionality to be added to the system to control and produce management report on export licences and shipments against those licences. We would like to have your input so that the module will be useful to as wide a range of customers as possible. We now have a base module which can be added to a Formwise installation and add third reporting functionality.

SOLAS Declaration of Verified Mass: The latest additions are to allow the transport delivery documents (Export Consignment, Dangerous Goods and Standard Shipping Note) to carry the Solas certification for the Verified Mass. This should remove at least that obstacle to a container being loaded on board.

EUR-1's: We have recently modified the prints of the movement certificate as requested for documents submitted to the National clearance Hub to include commodity codes for the products which are the subject of the certificate.

German Language Invoices: We have recently designed a set of invoices for use for shipments to Germany but these are not UN aligned, but we will shortly release a set of standard UN invoices with Polish language box headings,

Best Before Dates: We are completing an extension to the system to allow the receiving of data at product level for printing on the Packing List. It is possible to edited the data manually or receive it from your ERP system We are convinced that this will allow better customer information for certain industries, eg food and chemicals If there is any query, please call the Support :in on 01792-462113.

ISPN15 declarations: We have had a set of declarations appropriate to the various country requirements attached to Allocated Packing documentation, and we are now developing a standard set based around the SITPRO/UN packing list documents. As this is a busy form, we are placing the declaration in the space used for Terms of delivery and payment on Invoice documents.


Current projects

FCL / LCL Container Packing Certificates: We have prepared a sample certificate using the extra documents facility in Formwise. This is currently under review by selected users, and a decision will be made as to whether a specific will be developed to include extra data entry boxes to complete the document. Watch this space !

Amending the Order/Status Print  to include details of the notepad contents for the job reference.

Smoother Upgrade Process: In view of a number of times when upgrades have not been applied, and our security not being applies, we are working on a new process which allows us to separate the license from general upgrades. This will also help where drive letter has not been allocated or where users have not been given an appropriate level of system privileges.  It will be possible to authorise continued use of the system without needing any special help from the IT department. This should be completed shortly.

Future Projects

We recently conducted a wide-ranging customer survey and were pleased to note that there was no long list of suggestions for the improvement of the system and in fact the items above represent the major items.

One project we will be developing is to prepare packing procedures and documentation for those customers who export multi-container shipments of just a few products. If this is of interest please contact us.

System Modifications

The best developments come about because one user has a requirement which is developed and added to the system. When this is made available to other users who then take advantage of the addition, and in the past some significant additions were made to the system because of user requests. Sara Coburn needed to produce a number of declarations outside the system using a word processor, but many of these "one-off" declaration were however remarkably similar.

From that problem grew the whole sub-system of additional documents, which is now taken advantage of by a large proportion of the user base.

However we are always interested to receive requests for additions and enhancements to the system, so PLEASE don't just think of something which would help, share it with us.