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ERP linked to Formwise Export software

A significant number of Formwise users are traders and run Formwise as their main system, but a majority of users manage the business function with an integrated accounts and sales order processing system with FORMWISE used to provide the export documentation and management facilities. In order to maintain systems integrity and save time re-keying data, Data is extracted from the business control package to an ASCII file, using routines supplied by the user or the business control software supplier, and the data will then be written, or may be transferred to, the correct position for FORMWISE to be asked to process the transfer file to :-
    · create the specified consignment(s)
    · merge the extended default consignee data
    · add the variable consignment data
    · summarise the consignment for HMRC purposes
    · summarise the job for hazardous good and packaging data
    · allow the keying of extra data
    · give an option to delete, rename or leave the transfer file
Dependent on the repetitive nature of the method of movement of consignments, the system can be configured to then automatically produce the required set of documents. In the Download section of this site is a PDF of a Microsoft Word document - transfer.pdf which details the field definitions of the Formwise system, and includes three alternative sample transfer files, one bespoke Formwise format as well as two Comma Separated Variable files. However we have set up many different format readers to match a customer's requirements, e.g. XML files, in situations where their available programming tools are unable to write one of the sample files.  Below is the ever expanding list of software to which connections have already been made, so please call us to discuss the requirements to connect your software.
3Ex - Royal Mint;
AIA POS- Community Foods
Access Accounts- Rotabroach
Axapta - Sandler Seating
BPCS- BSN Medical
Chemoil - Thor Specialities
Cimpac - Airflow Developments
Command- W Lucy
JD Edwards- Pratt & Whitney
Efacs - Doncaster Structures; H Bronnley; Amber Chemical; Selex Elsag;
Epicor - Cerulean; Parker Plant
Epicor Vista - Allspeeds
Exchequer - Airflow Developments
Fairhurst- Manro
Fourth Shift - Chemence, UBP
Gould Hall- Edinburgh Weavers
Impact Encore- Drambuie; Speed Saws
Impcon- Firth Rixson
Infor 32 - Standall Tools
Intellect - Derek Rose
IS3000- FEB
JBA System 21- G Costa
Jobs 400- Firth Cleveland Steel
JVS- Marathon Belting
Kewill Micross - Feedback Instruments
Macsys - Presto International
Madison - Victor Products
Mancos - Ultra Hydraulics
ManPak - P C Henderson
Mfg-Pro – P Z Cussons UK, Invacare, Magnesium Elektron, MEL Chemicals
Micross - Feedback Instruments
MPCS XA - Gradus
MTMS - Flexello Castors
Multisoft - Hewetson Floors
Navision - Community Foods, DRS Data, Dunlop Sports, Feedback, Macron Safety Systems;
Openitem - Motorola
Oracle - Newport WaferFab; Outokumpu
Pegasus Opera - Thor Hammer
Pointman - Carlisle Brake Products
Protean - PPG
Safes 5 - Colson Castors
Sage - Failsworth Hats
Sage Line 50 - J S Wright
Sage Line 100 - Tullis Russell Hotpress
Sage Line 500 - Daymen International, Houchin Aerospace, Lucy Switchgear
Sanderson Cotswold - Mason Coatings
Sanderson Formulate  - Abitech
Sanderson PICS - ATI Allvac; Cintride; Emtelle;  Haldex; Midland Grau; Sanderson Special Steels; Scancoat; Slack Sellars;
Sanderson Unity - Protex Fasteners; Selectus
SAP Business 1 - Anglo-Caribbean; Instarmac
SAP R3 - Zeon Chemicals, Cargill
Sigma MS400 - Denso Manufacturing
Sincom Supra - St Gobain Pipelines
Smartstream - Siemens
SmartVision - Chalmit Lighting
Strategix - Seward Medical
Swan MRP2 - Ultra Dynamics
Styleman - Option Systems - Hunter Rubber Company
Symix Syteline - Colson Castors, Porvair International
SyscomERP - Eveden
Syspro - MHH Engineering
Tetra 2000 - G & J Hall
Tetra CS3 - Paterson Photax; Sheen Instruments
Titan - Eveden
Tropos - Morganite Electrical Carbon
Unix Mega - The Royal Mint
UPS Worldship  - output to be read by Formwise
Visibility - Printpack Europe
Winman - Drytac
X3 - Killgerm Chemicals
We have now developed routines to make use of the UNeDocs UK standards, as a means of transferring information from business control software to the Formwise family of systems, as well as the creation of e-mail documents which can be sent to display the form and data, and allow that data to be imported, without re-entering through the keyboard into suitably enabled software. We await a customer who wishes to make use of this development.
Packages Linked to Read Data exported by Formwise Systems
· HMRC systems for NES, Intrastats and European Sales Listings  
· British Chambers of Commerce e-Cert and e-Cert eXpress
· Sage Line 50 Version 12
· UPS Worldship software
· Fedex FMS Software


BSN Medical, Nelson, Lancashire: David Lees, from the Information Technology Department, wrote that "the system was installed in March 2001 and Formwise is a nice piece of software that we bolted onto the front end of our BPCS application and it has given us many years of service." BSN Medical is probably better known as Smith & Nephew.

Fogarty Filled Products, Boston, Lincolnshire: Tony Taupin, Export Administration Manager who installed the system in October 2001 wrote of "the wonderful value for money and time/labour saving device which the Formwise system has constituted for our company in its exporting activities. Right from initial enquiry, through demonstration to installation and subsequent post sales assistance, the service levels provided by Formwise personnel have been first class. Once the system was installed – and its operation eventually grasped and mastered (?!) by myself, a self-confessed computer illiterate – it enabled us effectively to dispense with the services of an export clerk to process our export documentation requirements. Such an immense saving in itself more than justifies the not excessive initial outlay and the very reasonable annual service charge. Having everything at one’s fingertips, with the flexibility to make modifications on the hoof as and when required, with minimal fuss and complication, has proved a real boon for our company. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it! – and I heartily recommend Formwise to anyone considering its acquisition".