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No matter the mode of transport, Formwise will help ensure the documentation is always correct.

Post Installation Savings

Savings usually stated by users fall into five categories :-
1.   Staff Productivity:
        ·         Quicker document creation as information only entered once on formats which are familiar
        ·         Documents are easy to complete and check so non-consistency errors are eliminated
        ·         Faster production on to plain paper or via PDF creator software for e-mailing
2. System improvements:
        ·         Less errors as manual
information only entered once
        -         Consistency of data enhanced when information transferred from the company's ERP system
        ·         Accuracy of reporting when using stored document data
3. Improved Customer Service
        ·         UN aligned paperwork is more internationally accepted and understood
        ·         E-mailing of documents gives better information more quickly
4. Cost Savings (indirect)
                As we keep systems up to date for customers with annual support contract, which in itself is very competitively priced, changes in procedures and documentation are easily incorporated and system enhancements are also included at no extra charge, whereas we are aware that some systems providers make substantial charges for these additions
5. Revenue Savings:
                Using features available in the software it is possible to make substantial cost savings, e.g. in the charges for NES submissions. In a survey during December 2006 average savings on forwarder charges for this service were £20 per consignment, with some companies saving over £500 per month in such charges.  To demonstrate this we received a mail shot for a fully approved interface to CHIEF to provide what is described as a "low cost" insurance for users wishing to maintain a continuity of service. The "low cost" service which includes 200 submissions per month, additional ones at 25p each, is normally available for £800 per annum. For those users processing NES submissions by email from Formwise, we often quote an approximate saving of £15 for each shipment to third world countries, which makes the pay back for a new system extremely quick, and more than pays for the annual support. We have been checking our figures and find they are somewhat out of date as recent converts to the system have quoted the following savings:-
Emma Cooper of Bepco. is saving her company over £5000 per annum on a volume of 200 third world consignments per month.
Derek Mathers of Thor Hammer estimates a saving £450 per month on 30 exports per month
Howard Reynolds-Jones of Mersey Lime has made savings of £25 plus per shipment, and last but not least
Haydn Vile of The Royal Mint has made savings of £12500 per annum. For the miniscule extra work per job (usually asking for the flag of the vessel), and the cost (?) of an e-mail, that seems to us to be a magnificent saving. Are there any more takers out there? Your choice but what a no-brainer !!! Please contact us on the support line if you wish to consider starting to use this facility within the system.
Data analysis through the available reports can highlight other savings, for example logging freight charges gives accurate reports of freight charges against consignments by customer, country, forwarder and modes of transport THUS GIVING ACCURATE COMPARISONS.



Thor Hammer, Solihull: Derek Mathers, Commercial Director says that the difference between Formwise and the other export systems is really the low cost, ease of use, incredible reporting facilities and SUPPORT. With Formwise you ring, get an immediate response and a solution which in several years has never taken more the 10 minutes - Mike guides you through the solution and often helps with problems that are not really associated with Formwise and he does not even complain when the problem is of your own making! I have changed accounting systems three times and on each occasion Mike has guided me through the linking the systems without any delay or drama. When I do the end of year insurance return, which used to take several hours listing values, countries and terms, a Formwise report completes it in seconds. Thor Hammer exports to over 80 countries and never have I found the system wanting, in fact, I keep finding new facilities - only last week I found I could do auto Certificates of Conformity - for years we had been typing them out.  Just because Formwise is not expensive, do not for one moment think it is not the best - I changed from a system that was five times the price and nowhere near as good - they wanted to charge more for a link to a new accounting system than I paid for Formwise. In a business life nearing its conclusion, I have made many decisions I have later regretted, but purchasing Formwise is definitely not one of them.