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Downloadable Items

This page contains links to files we are making available for download. Click on the appropriate link/heading of a file's description to begin.

For a number of files you will need Adobe Reader, this is to allow you to view and print PDF files.

Product Overview

This is the full Product Overview for the Formwise system in PDF format and includes a brochure, product guide and sample document prints. For a complete picture you should also need to download the sample documents

Replacement FORMWISE.EXE Program

This is an updated executable required after our recent (July 2014) re-arrangement of our  web-site, help and tutorial. The file should replace the existing file in the program path indicated in the Help and About option in the Program path (green band).

Transfer file Specification Text Basis

This is the specification of the standard transfer files which Formwise will read (and create), covering our own standard data construction.

Basic CSV Transfer File Specifications

This contains alternative sample CSV transfer file layouts for the import of external data into Formwise.

Sample In-House Guide / Manual

This is a Manual for the user to edit to produce an in-house guide. It does include a box-by-box guide to certain key documents. It is in Microsoft Word format. You will also need to download the sample documents.

Static Data Upgrade Files - static.rar

This has been placed on the web which contains the following formwise external files -

Miscellaneous format external file covering country declarations and notes - COUNTRY.DTA
Miscellaneous format external file covering Incoterms 2010 descriptions and shipping instructions - INCOTERMS.DTA
Standard external Autorun with amended minimum documentary requirements - EXTAUTO.DTA

Please download the file, extract the individual files and, using the standard external file options, read them into your system.



 MHH Engineering Co. Ltd, Guildford: were a SPEX user for more than 6 years. SPEX was run in conjunction with MFW an ERP system from K3 Business Technologies. In 2007 we began implementing a new ERP system, Syspro, which has the capability of outputting an XML transfer but unfortunately the cost proved to be prohibitive.

Having researched the SITPRO website for vendors we spoke to Formwise. From the first conversation with Mike and Stuart it was clear that the were a knowledgeable no fuss company. With the pressures of an ERP system implementation that approach was invaluable.  Implementation was a very painless process There were a few minor hitches, with the import routine needing a few tweaks but Mike was fantastic and had them with us within hours of us reporting the problem  The software has been able to do everything we have asked of it. In some areas it is a major improvement over SPEX with our main users singing it’s praises. It has reduced the time we need to produce Invoices and the Intrastat validation has made filing our returns online a completely painless process.Overall our experience of both the product and company have been excellent I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the future and indeed have already recommended them to our ERP vendor as a company they may want to recommend to their customers.
David Parsley, Managing Director.