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No matter the mode of transport, Formwise will help ensure the documentation is always correct.

Welcome To Formwise Export Limited

Our mission is to develop powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective software for the production of documentation for, and management of, the export function. We pride ourselves on being one of the country's leading providers of export management and documentation software.

In the format of printed forms which conform to the SITPRO/UN layout key, PDF graphic images, or electronic data files (CSV, EDI, XML etc.), and submissions to external bodies, for example HMRC for NES, Intrastat and ESL information.

We will keep the software in line with current standards and practice and to develop the software in line with individual customer requirements, such general enhancements will be at no cost to customers on contracted annual maintenance.


The changes so far:-

We have made it so that the VAT number and the EORI number can be put against the Exporter. (see sample)

 If the country of destination is set NI then Northern Ireland XI EORI number will be displayed. (see sample).

VAT/EORI No. prints for consignee

 or if different VAT to EORI number the numbers will be displayed seperately. (see samples)

We can print 10 characters of commodity code (previously only 8, see sample).

We can print Country of Origin for product. (see sample)

We will provide efficient and responsive support to customers by all means possible, including telephone, direct connection, via email, or being passed control of a computer/server by the customer

We are also pleased to provide general support on general computing problems for organisations, for example check out our Security page for our best advice on making your PC safe.

If there are any changes you wish to make, please contact the phone number or email above.

If you cannot find the information you require, then please do not hesitate to contact Mike eiter on the number above or via email at

Links to Business Software:

Sage Line 50 - Version 12: We have written a routine to extract invoice header data from the Formwise system in such a way as to eliminate the re-keying of that data into the Sage software, and therefore remove the potential for errors.

Sage Line 100 / MMS; Sage Line 200;  A stand alone utility for the extract of data for Formwise to import consignment data is available from Technology Partners, in Slough, Contact: Zaff Ajaib; Tel: 01628 559339. or via This utility was written for a Formwise user, and has recently been upgraded to cope with extended product descriptions. For links to Sage Line 200, 500 Sage 1000 the cost will be £1,995 and £495 per client. Annual support charge will be 20% of software price.

Printer Utilities

With a vast percentage of our user base transmitting documents by email in PDF format we would recommend installing one of a range of PDF creation programs. Our recommendation is PDF Factory: This inexpensive utility acts like a windows printer and creates a PDF page for each document requested in the system but within a single file. There is an option to link to your email client with the attachment logged into a message. A trial version of the software can be downloaded from The working version costs approximate £40 per license.