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 Formwise Export System

Our most powerful software package is the Export system, which isdesigned for the export department requiring the production of United Nations standards based documents, and a requirement for external links from ERP software as well as to external sources, e.g. HMRC. The software also covers the requirements of EU reporting The Export system covers the following set of documents as standard:-
A full range of commercial documents including Pro-forma Invoices, Quotations, Sales and Purchase Orders etc
as well as:-
Invoices and a full range of certificates of Value and Origin
Marine and Air Shipping Instructions, the latter including Security Certificate where approved
EUR-1 / ATR1 / EU and Arab/British Certificates of Origin which print on to the mandatory forms
Packing Lists , including the ability to allocate products to packages,
Package labels
Export Consignment / Standard Shipping and CMR Notes
Dangerous Goods Note / IATA Dangerous Goods Note - suggested print with red-flashed edge
Bank instructions / L/C presentation form and bills of exchange
Despatch Advice / Document Enclosure
Free Form Certificates/letters
NES submissions to HMRC by email attachment
XML documents to UNeDocs UK standard
A wide range of reports

Key Benefits

                 Easy to learn and use with full box by box guide
                On screen help for each field and
                A tutorial, together with a user instruction manual, audio help & on-site training
                Will produce your Export documents, right first time, every time
                All documents to United Nations aligned document standard for world-wide understanding
                Documents print onormally print both format and data on to plain paper
                Ability to produce "one-off" documents to conform to a Letter of Credit
                Documents can be sent as email attachments (with a suitable PDF printer driver)
                Kept up to date free of charge for supported clients
                Using the NES submissions option should save on average a £25 charge from the forwarder
The single-user version is £3295, support £400 per annum
The multi-user versio is £4095, support £700 per annum

The entry level software package in our range is Formwise Easi export

The mid-range software package is Formwise Elite



Ungerer Limited, Chester:   Martin Plant, Assistant Shipping Manager, says "Just providing update here on how we are getting on. We have given the system a really good thrashing, and now running fluently with in-house exports. Many thanks. “   

W Lucy, Oxford: Sara Coburn installed the system in 1996 and since that time the company has moved most of its manufacturing to Dubai but the export function is still controlled from the UK with all documentation and presentations coming from Formwise. All invoicing, shipping and banking paperwork is produced by Formwise, and as much of our work is against Letters of Credit the ability to produce Certificates and make statements as prescribed in the L/C saving time and avoiding typing errors. The system even makes a contribution to cash-flow as our entries to HMRC are produced by Formwise saving GBP20 per entry. Formwise is easy to use with telephone help always available. It would be hard for us to manage without Formwise, in fact Formwise is our export system and a vital part of our business.