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No matter the mode of transport, Formwise will help ensure the documentation is always correct.

Formwise for Forwarders

The Formwise system, designed in 1989  around the SITPRO and United Nationes Economic Commsision for Europe Layout  key, was originally targeted at exporters and shippes.

However also quick to recognise an opportunity amongst the first users of Formwise were Forwarding Agents. This group covered both stand-alone companies and those organisations offering freight and documentary services to group companies. Both groups wanted to offer a service of producing export documentation for their clients, in an internationally recognised and accepted format, which projected a professional image and, more importantly speeded up the process in the country of import 

The forwarders use of Formwise gave their customer companies acess to the full range of documentation, but more importantly it also gave their customers, irrespective of their size, access to a powerful export documentation and management system, which when spread across a wide range of customers, the per-shipment cost is minimal.

Having established a documentary expertise it became a positive sales opportunity to provide that service to clients, who then came to rely on it and expand their market area without concern knowing that documentary requirements could be met. So there is now a situation that a wide range of customers can expand their market approach to a wider area and produce more consignments which they automatically return to their forwader. Thus there is both customer growth and more throughput for the forwarder.

A percentage of those forwarders took the view that with modification to the standard system, they could also produce all customers' documentary requirements, and then based around the customers' consignment data the 'in-house and external documentation could be produced. Formwise consequently became their de facto business system. For a set of sample standard forwarder documents, please contact us on the number above. Obviously these documents can be customised to comply with a use'rs requirements.

The only system requirment would be the company accounts system, but with data transfer between Formwise and their business accounts package the cycle of data is complete.

To discuss your individual requirements, please contact Stuart Law on the number above.



Brendon International is an established Freight Forwarder and Export Packer, who has used Formwise for the past 20 years, Formwise plays an indispensable role in our business. No matter the consignment size, or the customer’s requirement, from the beginning of the consignment’s journey, Formwise has all the documentation requirements to hand. Our European department, run multiple destination groupage trailers, which contain dozens of customer’s consignments, per departure. Formwise allows us to raise the CMR delivery notes, provide the necessary compliance records for our customers, with Certificates of Shipment and then raise our own invoices.

 Our Airfreight and Seafreight departments, while using many of the above features, also use Formwise to allow ease at Customs. Many of our customers have said their paperwork has never looked so understandable and easy to read. Formwise has helped us to advise our customers, with what information they miss from their own paperwork, which can cause major issues at customs.

 By using Formwise for the past 20 years, we have built up a complete customer database which has allowed us to not only spot trends, but also add information to files, which could be forgotten over time. Formwise has surely helped us to become a ‘one-stop-shop.’

Hazel James
Managing Director